The Top 5 Games in the UK for Sports Days – Summer 2016

The summer is here which means that it is sports day season once again. Schools everywhere will be organising and hosting sports days in school over the next few weeks and we are happy to say that we have all of the equipment and games to make any sports day a success. Keep reading to find out what products from our site we would recommend.

Multi-Sports Set 

Multi Sports Set

Our multi-sports set has everything you need to play a massive range of different games. Check out the huge list of sports equipment included in this set which will show you that the optons for which games to play is endless.

  • 4 wooden stumps – 60cm x 2.5cm diameter (can be used for Cricket Stumps, Football goals or Rounder’s bases)
  • 1 Training Football Size 5
  • 1 Rounders bat
  • 1 rounders bat
  • 1 rounders ball
  • 1 Plastic Cricket Bat Size 5 (as supplied in crazy cricket set)
  • 1 Full Size Windball cricket ball (as supplied in crazy cricket set)
  • 1 Cricket Bail
  • 2 Wooden Beach Bats
  • 1 Beach Ball
  • 1 Frisbee 30cm diameter
  • 1 mini ball pump

Sports Day Set 

Sports Day Set

You can play all of the classic sports day games such as egg & spoon race, sack race, three-legged race and more with this set.

  • 4 x jumping sacks
  • 4 x plastic spoons and eggs
  • 4 x bean bags
  • 4 plastic stakes
  • 2 x ankle straps
  • 1 x start line
  • 1 x finish line
  • Colour Box.

Tag Rugby Set 

Tag Rugby Set

Tag Rugby is a fun game for all ages and because it is a non-contact version of rugby, it makes it a lot easier for everyone to play despite difference in ages or sizes or skill. Our Tag Rugby set includes everything you need to play Tag Rugby with a large group.

  • 20 small or large tag belts
  • 20 red tags & 20 white tags
  • Gripper Training Rugby Ball (Sizes 5, 4 or 3 – decide before adding item to cart)
  • Double action pump
  • Whistle on lanyard
  • 15 x red cones & 15 x white cones on cone holder
  • Supplied in carry bag

5 A Side Football Set

5 A Side Football Set - Mens

Our 5 a side football set makes it possible to play football anywhere. It is perfect for events, sports days or even for a group who want a kick about on a summer evening.

  • 2 150cm wide x 120cm high heavy duty PVC goals with netting
  • 4 Ground Anchors to hold goals in place + 2 anchor removers
  • 10 Polyester bibs – 5 x Black and 5 Red
  • Football
  • Mini ball pump
  • Nylon transport / Storage bag

Fairground Target Game (Tin Can Alley)

Fairground Target Game (Tin Can Alley)

Our Tin Can Alley can be a fun game for kids to play to wind down after an active and fun sports day. Just stack the cans and then throw the sand bags at the cans to knock them over. The person who knocks down all of the cans within 3 attempts, wins a prize.

  • 10 Hollow EVA cans
  • 6 Sand target bags
  • Tough carry bag

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